Weesurf, Surf forecast & info 应用的评论


5 Star App and they’re making it better.

Awesome, it has my North FL locations, it has Apple Watch App and has surf forecast. Wow, it has blown me away with how much better than any other Surfing App it is. Also really surprised me with Waze integration, nice touch.

Great app

Love the app and it’s accurate to the beaches and surf spots near me.

A near perfect app!

Excited this app works with my Apple Watch - once I set my faves, I am able to easily access them on my watch - when I select more info on the watch, it shuts out the app however - the only issue I have had thus far. Wish the wind direction /map would show on the watch too. Thanks guys!

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work on iPhone 7+. Watch complication is even worse showing wind speed of 130km and wave heights 10 feet higher than actual.

Super helpful surf app!

Very helpful surf app in Europe and across the world!

Works as promised

Shows you locations for surf spots, shops. Gives directions for the places via maps and shows peaks (R&L, variable).


This app doesn't give me any info or knowledge I don't already have and is grossly incomplete regarding the spots and shops in my region.

Awesome, Useful, Great content...

If bodhi were still with us, he would have downloaded this app for sure because weesurf is amazing !!! Help me every weeks to find my spots and some surf shops.

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